3 Ways to get your feet wet in social media

Many people who are business owners are not aware of what to do or how to start when it comes to social media. So many of us are just getting into Facebook let alone the idea of Twitter.  I have a family member so clueless in technology that he labels himself as a troglodyte, he has computer problems and I log on to his computer to help him fix the issue. So I have devised a step by step  of how to get your feet wet with some social networking.

1.Open an account!

Don’t be shy! In order to get your feet wet you have to step in it…no pun intended. So go to Facebook, open an account or reactivate the one your kids started for you last year.  Get to know that Facebook page, add some friends, HS classmates, even the kids..if you feel daring. Note: if you have to think hard about adding the kids, don’t. Let’s just take baby steps.

2. Post something

Ok you did it! You logged in to Facebook and started that account HOORAY! Clap for yourself…Now here comes the hard part, now you must post something for those friends  to read. That first post should be a simple status, one that allows you to see how posting works.  Once a week should turn into once a day by a month you should be less of a Facebook novice. Welcome to the technology era!

3. Pictures and More

do you own a smart phone that you have been teased about not knowing how to use? How about putting that phone to use by taking some pictures while you are out and posting them to your Facebook account? In your phone there is a Facebook app, login! Using this part of the phone will promote you to the smart phone user who actually uses the smart phone as it “should be” used.  Take a picture, select the menu and post it to Facebook with a caption, c’mon you can do it! Don’t be afraid the app will walk you through it once you click the incomplete triangle in the top corner of the phone. type something funny, interesting, or nothing at all and then touch “POST.” Walla! you did it!  How do you feel? are you ready to add some more pictures to Facebook? Go for it! just remember we are adults, we must think twice about what we post, it will be there forever and ever and ever. I regress.

So now we have made ourselves familiar with one of many social networks on the world-wide web (www. get it?) Facebook is a way in which one promotes their selves to friends and family. This is just the beginning of your understanding how Facebook can work for you and your business. Let’s roll with this, right?


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