10 ways to rejuvenate business in the new year

New Year’s Day is around the corner and many of you are doing your taxes and coming out with a bottom of this years revenue. Was it impressing? Were you satisfied or did it leave you feeling that there was more to be gained? Are you wondering how to expand? Did you hire help or were you on your own?

If your tax preparation leaves you feeling as though you could have done better than perhaps the answer to your question is closer than you think. Susana Ward published an article called “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success”. The article focuses on that which a business owner should reflect upon during this time of year. I’ve got more detail to help with this reflection, point for point.

1. Learn to delegate – The art of delegation is just that. Knowing when to let go and who to give the reigns too is not easy but can be easier than most let out. When we hire or work with people the reason we are able to get along in a work environment is because we all have the same common goal. What is your goal? What kind of drive is needed to complete the task at hand? how much coaching are you able to give to this delegate? When you delegate you are able to give more help in other areas that need it most.

2. Promote your business regularly and consistently- Marketing your business is something that is all too important. Marketing can be the determining factor it being a vital part of business growth. You can come up with your own strategy or speak with firms or other companies and delegate such a responsibility to them. There are firms that offer help in getting to know the social media networks and how to strategize. Belle of the Ball is,  we work to make your business the most sought after in its industry.

3. Make business planning weekly- Planning strategies weekly. Perfect time to take into account what worked and what didn’t work, this is a great time to add into social media network marketing. You are able to see what tweets you can have trend, for how long what was web traffic like on your website and on your Facebook pages? Did orders and emails flow freely or was it still a struggle. what new thing can I bring to make next week a more successful one?

4. Learn something new- Being open-minded allows for free-flowing new ideas.  Running a successful business is about being able to keep your product on top or make it a commodity to the point that free-flowing ideas. Being able to think outside of the box is a very good tactic for keeping business new.

5. Join a new business organization or networking group- simple and hard at the same time. By doing this you are now aligning yourself with people who are just like you. business owners looking to keep things up to par with new innovations that may come from other like minds. Perfect together!

6. Give something back to your community- Giving back to the community is one of the best ways to bring business for yourself. People are more likely to patronize a company that is putting money into the community more than any other small company in the area that does not.  Community support is a very important link, and advertising tool. They spread the word by word of mouth, happily!

7. Put time for you on your calendar- Me time is vital. if you forget to schedule some time for you to do what you like to do to relax, zone out or simply do nothing, you are affecting your own moral negatively.

8. Set realistic goals- it is ok to create goals and milestone goals etc but when setting these goals it is also important to be realistic. Don’t expect $2Mil yesterday if your prior year revenue was less than $50K, that is unreal.

9. Don’t make do; get a new one- Should any equipment stop working properly, do go out and replace it. Doing with out only complicates issues.

10.Drop what’s NOT working for you, move on- The last and final point, if you are finding that there is something that is not working for you, scrap it. Don’t be afraid to return to the drawing board and find something else that will.


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