“Confine yourself to the present”

-Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and philosopher in 161-180. He was known as one of the last  five good emperors to rule before. His name may ring a bell because he was also a part of an all time favorite action film, Gladiator. Marcus Aurelius was known more specifically for his philosophy on service and duty.  While he is considered to have been an authority in the aforementioned subject let’s discuss the meaning of his quote.

When we think of confinement to anything we tend to denote a negative undertone. Enabiliy to move  being able to move on from something as being problematic.  “Confine yourself to the present” is a statement that means adapt to your current situation and or status. By doing so with regard to business, you are opening up and accepting that times have changed and there are new business practices as well. Adapting to said business changes are a blessing to traditionally small businesses. Local mom and pop stores are able to sell their goods and services to persons and/or vendors outside of their 25-100 mile radius thanks to the internet and all the social networks.

Let’s make 2014 the year we stop refusing to conform to the new ways.  All that the internet has to offer is available to you the question is are you available to learn to use it?


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