“If you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work.”
Khalil Gibran

What made you go into business?  Was it your distaste for what you did previously? Was it who you worked for? Did you begin to come to work and feel as though you’d made some mistake?

Whatever it was I am sure you made the decision based on a feeling. That feeling is something that may have escalated after your first sale, client or customer. Were you excited? Did you say to yourself, “Eureka, this is it!” Did you enjoy what you were doing so much so that you felt “this is something I can do for the rest of my life.” If you answered in the affirmative to any of the questions I asked then you worked with love in your heart without ever knowing or feeling distaste in what you do. It is a great joy to find a niche that pays the bills and brings them great happiness to do.  If your business does this for you wouldn’t it be nice to bring in a more income and have a larger client base? This can be done if you add social media networking to the equation.  Many companies are out there according to your location and if you don’t find one close by some offer web conferencing. We provide assistance via the web and are able to walk you through the necessary steps to create your social media accounts as well as how to run them on your own.  Be the belle…of the ball. 


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