Friday the 13th, means…

When we think of Friday the 13th depending on your age range you ether think of the tall guy with the hockey mask and creepy chorus in a horror film, or just the simple superstition that most of us respond to. Let’s use is as a day of business networking.  This phenomena can occur up 3 times in a year and this particular month it falls on a full moon. Full moons are said to be linked to the motion in the ocean and human emotion.  While I would like to say there is no truth to this…I’d be lying about my own experiences. That being said I wanted to start a new trend. The June Honeymoon is a name coined from an article from They have a pretty neat explanation for it. Image


Let’s make the “June Honeymoon” as it is called our business trendsetter to looking outside of the box. What do we do normally in business that we should be doing differently? Friday happens normally every week, of every month of every year, right? Full moons do the same every month of every year. The 13th comes every month of every year, and so on. I believe you get where I am going with this.   do something different for that day, that once in a blue moon day. Open up your laptop, go to a social media network site, look at that site and ask yourself, “What can this site do for me and my business?” Look around and see how others use the site. If you are at a loss let me give you a glimmer of an idea, advertising.

Twitter is used for advertising on a larger scale now. Tweeting deals on the regular is an awesome way to make your shop stand out especially with a great matching ID like ours, hint, hint. Find follow us, and Twitter will even help you find folks to follow Tweet your first deal…let’s see it!


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