You need to define yourself in the marketplace.
-Steve Madden

Every business has to stake their claim in some way shape or form in the marketplace. The best way to do so in this current day and age of technology is to use the internet. Defining yourself can be done while using Facebook as a marketplace or by creation of a website.  A website while ideal is not always necessary as Facebook now provides a great venue for the sale of items. what if you aren’t making a sale that involves items or an inventory of sorts. Then that is where talking to a consultant would be helpful.  While making yourself a valuable item in the marketplace, keep in mind that you must also know or get to know your marketplace.  

Steve Madden has proven that he is capable of such and hires a staff understanding of the logic.  Steve Madden and all of his Madden NFL products have been successful annually with each release. Not because of who he is, the generation of gamers now are not really old enough to recall his sports connotation on or off TV. His quote speaks volumes, based solely on his track record. Steve’s advice should hit home for any small business trying to expand and branch out… Challenge yourself weekly to allow business to build from your changes.


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