There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation hard-work and learning from failure.

Colin Powell

Success is the one thin we all want in business. No matter how small our business or big the industry we all want to have a level of success to survive. What are the chances we are willing to take to have said success? Are we willing to step outside of the box? Do more than the norm to make it happen?

As a small business owner myself I relate to the dreams of doing more and bigger business. Something on a scale that is so much more than anyone else or so much better. It is with those ideas that we miss the little things that are larger factors. Customer Satisfaction is a huge contributor to success. If people aren’t happy about what you are doing for them it can make you or break you. Today’s social media network makes that process so much faster. In fact almost instantaneous with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Tumblr and the like making reporting so easy no matter the purpose. One can have great Customer service and having a bad day could create a lasting effect .Learning from those mistakes, posts and the like are a wonderful but now to restore your business it will take a lot if hard work and social media savvy to regain it back. Having social media accounts all over does make such a task a little easier. Think of all the satisfied customers you come across daily, especially after that one who was very difficult to please despite your best efforts. Those reviews would outweigh that one leaving you to have a better customer repoire


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