Carpe Diem is a latin expression that translates to mean “seize the day.” It was believed to have originated from the Odes by Horace the roman soldier and poet. “Seize the day” can have various levels of profoundness, especially when we incorporate other’s people’s experience and ideas of what it means to them. Now that we know where the phrase came from we can appreciate that Horace was also a soldier and a poet. So his idea of seize the day would be more along the lines of strategy and the perseverance of war while as a poet recognizing that it can apply to almost every aspect of life, and it should symbolize the determination to succeed.

When I see Carpe Diem that is what comes to mind. How one must keep their goals in the fore front of their daily life. Keeping those goals out in front of you will drive you to seize the day. Any person would wonder which goals unless you haven’t had them set so you might say what goals are you talking about.  Any goals!  That boost in revenue for a new office space. How about the vacation you wanted to take, or the raise you wanted to surprise your staff with for all their hard work? Seize the day.



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