In today’s world of technology and internet the industry and ways to advertise and market one’s business are evolving fast.  Websites create an electronic pamphlet for people near and far to surf through and learn about your company, while social media provide a platform for advertising and even networking through cel phones, computers and tablets. All devices provide an outlet for business owners and the like to put their business and life out for all to see.

it is understandable that many people are not embracing the internet or social media at all. Their reasons have a lot to do with cultural standing. They feel that it would cause them to be impersonal. There is the feeling that the internet is causing us to lose our humanity while providing a means to cheaper advertising and marketing that can be done with out a high end advertising and or marketing consultants.

Benefits to Business Online

Expansion of the business. Your business online allows for you to meet clients who are far away and even closer but unaware of your presence or the wares and service you sell. I came across a day care to which I was told the where about of where it was. and although the school itself has a 4 out of 4 star rating, it has no website so it made it hard to verify its existence or even if it was the right one. This means they are operating purely by referral, word of mouth and whatever community ties it may have.  The Pros are they may have great community ties, which work out well for them always having children to care for. However what about staffing? How does anyone know they are hiring? I was informed by word of mouth…Not many people can even find the day care unless their children attend so that leaves staffing a concern off and on.

The Cons are limitation in staffing, awareness outside of the community for people moving into the area and unfamiliar with the community. The internet with its websites and social media offer more interpersonal information for those who use the internet to learn about their environments. Opening the doors to meeting people closer than you know building more community connections and networking far and wide. This increases productivity, sales, new customers and expansion. I don’t know of any business that would not welcome the opportunity to thrive, do you?

Carpe Diem

Seize the day!


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