Carpe Diem

Each day we awake with the notion or idea, “today is a new day, today I will do better than I did yesterday.” This is the mind of an entrepreneur who is constantly searching for ways to reinvent not only yourself when necessary but your business, your approach to business. For many of us it should be thoughts for renewed approaches to life in general.

I treat each day as though it is a new beginning. Each day is a moment to reinvent, switch up, and renew my role as a business owner, as a mother, as a wife and finally as a woman. I am in a constant state of reevaluation of myself, my actions, my intentions. What is my purpose for today? What do I need to change? what do I need to be more creative about? What worked last week? What did not? How can I move to a more productive me? How can I motivate not only me but those around me to work and perform up to their potential?

Going above and beyond are a start to this process because that is the determination necessary to achieve an ideal success, however, all of this depends on what your ideal success is or may be. This is all totally based on you. Whatever you decide is necessary, start with this…Sieze the day!


Culture Vs. Advancement

FeaturedCulture Vs. Advancement

In today’s world of technology and internet the industry and ways to advertise and market one’s business are evolving fast.  Websites create an electronic pamphlet for people near and far to surf through and learn about your company, while social media provide a platform for advertising and even networking through cel phones, computers and tablets. All devices provide an outlet for business owners and the like to put their business and life out for all to see.

it is understandable that many people are not embracing the internet or social media at all. Their reasons have a lot to do with cultural standing. They feel that it would cause them to be impersonal. There is the feeling that the internet is causing us to lose our humanity while providing a means to cheaper advertising and marketing that can be done with out a high end advertising and or marketing consultants.

Benefits to Business Online

Expansion of the business. Your business online allows for you to meet clients who are far away and even closer but unaware of your presence or the wares and service you sell. I came across a day care to which I was told the where about of where it was. and although the school itself has a 4 out of 4 star rating, it has no website so it made it hard to verify its existence or even if it was the right one. This means they are operating purely by referral, word of mouth and whatever community ties it may have.  The Pros are they may have great community ties, which work out well for them always having children to care for. However what about staffing? How does anyone know they are hiring? I was informed by word of mouth…Not many people can even find the day care unless their children attend so that leaves staffing a concern off and on.

The Cons are limitation in staffing, awareness outside of the community for people moving into the area and unfamiliar with the community. The internet with its websites and social media offer more interpersonal information for those who use the internet to learn about their environments. Opening the doors to meeting people closer than you know building more community connections and networking far and wide. This increases productivity, sales, new customers and expansion. I don’t know of any business that would not welcome the opportunity to thrive, do you?

Carpe Diem

Seize the day!

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a latin expression that translates to mean “seize the day.” It was believed to have originated from the Odes by Horace the roman soldier and poet. “Seize the day” can have various levels of profoundness, especially when we incorporate other’s people’s experience and ideas of what it means to them. Now that we know where the phrase came from we can appreciate that Horace was also a soldier and a poet. So his idea of seize the day would be more along the lines of strategy and the perseverance of war while as a poet recognizing that it can apply to almost every aspect of life, and it should symbolize the determination to succeed.

When I see Carpe Diem that is what comes to mind. How one must keep their goals in the fore front of their daily life. Keeping those goals out in front of you will drive you to seize the day. Any person would wonder which goals unless you haven’t had them set so you might say what goals are you talking about.  Any goals!  That boost in revenue for a new office space. How about the vacation you wanted to take, or the raise you wanted to surprise your staff with for all their hard work? Seize the day.


There are no se…

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation hard-work and learning from failure.

Colin Powell

Success is the one thin we all want in business. No matter how small our business or big the industry we all want to have a level of success to survive. What are the chances we are willing to take to have said success? Are we willing to step outside of the box? Do more than the norm to make it happen?

As a small business owner myself I relate to the dreams of doing more and bigger business. Something on a scale that is so much more than anyone else or so much better. It is with those ideas that we miss the little things that are larger factors. Customer Satisfaction is a huge contributor to success. If people aren’t happy about what you are doing for them it can make you or break you. Today’s social media network makes that process so much faster. In fact almost instantaneous with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Tumblr and the like making reporting so easy no matter the purpose. One can have great Customer service and having a bad day could create a lasting effect .Learning from those mistakes, posts and the like are a wonderful but now to restore your business it will take a lot if hard work and social media savvy to regain it back. Having social media accounts all over does make such a task a little easier. Think of all the satisfied customers you come across daily, especially after that one who was very difficult to please despite your best efforts. Those reviews would outweigh that one leaving you to have a better customer repoire


Innovate & Innovation

When we hear the word innovation we tend to think of technology because the two go hand in hand. Innovation is something new or different introduced. In terms of technology it is ever-changing and there is an abundance of new products that are introduced to the world daily. you can buy a phone today and it will be old within 6 months when the newest model or innovation is discovered. This can also apply to marketing or advertising for one’s business.

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”
–  Steve Jobs

Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like  were innovations that were created to expand  the usage of the internet as we used it. The networks link billions of people day-to-day through their cell phones connected to the various networks. Everyday people are purchasing newer cell phones that are faster, with better cameras to share their experiences through the internet on social mediums that are linked to the rest of the world at large. Why wouldn’t you as a small business owner in almost any industry, where you sell in your locale want to set up on this type of network as well? If these people can connect to people all over the world, this gives you an opportunity to sell on a scale that neighborhood business would never  have been able to do in the past. It opens the neighborhood “mom and pop’ operation to a broader market . Broader market, more customers, higher sales numbers equal a thriving business. I challenge you to innovate your business to the social media network, you have all to gain and none to lose.

You need to define yourself in the marketplace.
-Steve Madden

Every business has to stake their claim in some way shape or form in the marketplace. The best way to do so in this current day and age of technology is to use the internet. Defining yourself can be done while using Facebook as a marketplace or by creation of a website.  A website while ideal is not always necessary as Facebook now provides a great venue for the sale of items. what if you aren’t making a sale that involves items or an inventory of sorts. Then that is where talking to a consultant would be helpful.  While making yourself a valuable item in the marketplace, keep in mind that you must also know or get to know your marketplace.  

Steve Madden has proven that he is capable of such and hires a staff understanding of the logic.  Steve Madden and all of his Madden NFL products have been successful annually with each release. Not because of who he is, the generation of gamers now are not really old enough to recall his sports connotation on or off TV. His quote speaks volumes, based solely on his track record. Steve’s advice should hit home for any small business trying to expand and branch out… Challenge yourself weekly to allow business to build from your changes.


Friday the 13th, means…

When we think of Friday the 13th depending on your age range you ether think of the tall guy with the hockey mask and creepy chorus in a horror film, or just the simple superstition that most of us respond to. Let’s use is as a day of business networking.  This phenomena can occur up 3 times in a year and this particular month it falls on a full moon. Full moons are said to be linked to the motion in the ocean and human emotion.  While I would like to say there is no truth to this…I’d be lying about my own experiences. That being said I wanted to start a new trend. The June Honeymoon is a name coined from an article from They have a pretty neat explanation for it. Image


Let’s make the “June Honeymoon” as it is called our business trendsetter to looking outside of the box. What do we do normally in business that we should be doing differently? Friday happens normally every week, of every month of every year, right? Full moons do the same every month of every year. The 13th comes every month of every year, and so on. I believe you get where I am going with this.   do something different for that day, that once in a blue moon day. Open up your laptop, go to a social media network site, look at that site and ask yourself, “What can this site do for me and my business?” Look around and see how others use the site. If you are at a loss let me give you a glimmer of an idea, advertising.

Twitter is used for advertising on a larger scale now. Tweeting deals on the regular is an awesome way to make your shop stand out especially with a great matching ID like ours, hint, hint. Find follow us, and Twitter will even help you find folks to follow Tweet your first deal…let’s see it!